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About us

Located in Chancery Lane, Cardigan, Ceredigion, Cliand Computers is a friendly computer store aiding with a wide variety of computer services. These include:

  • Computer Repairs – both Software and Hardware
  • New System Builds – from basic office computers to large gaming towers
  • Network Solutions – from small home networks, to large school networks
  • Educational Supplier – we supply I.T. equipment for educational centres

Cliand Computers have been providing the same service from Cardigan for more than 20 years and have helped many clients solve and get the best out of their I.T solutions. Cliand Computers work with local businesses, organisations and schools to offer I.T management services also.

Basic PC and Laptops

We stock a variety of entry level laptops for instant setup, these can be used for basic day to day functionalities like browsing the web and writing documents or spreadsheets. We can also build small custom desktop PC’s and can provide everything needed to get you setup with a new computer system quickly. We stock Monitors, keyboard, mice and speaker systems also.

High Performance and Gaming Systems

Looking for a bit more power from your systems? At Cliand Computers we can also supply high performance laptops and PC’s. These can be custom built or tailored to your requirements. We have built and supplied systems which have been used for high end business performance such as video editing but also for people who want the most out of their gaming experience.

What we offer

We combine our extensive knowledge of computer sales and repairs to offer you the best service possible.


You need the best quality hardware and software to ensure you can run your day to day business operations without any hassle. At Cliand Computers, we believe in offering you the correct advice when it comes to choosing the hardware and software for your business.


As well as our services above, we offer dedicated network installation and maintenance services. These can anything from basic home networks, to large school networks. We also install and maintain Wi-Fi systems which are used in Hotels, B&B's and holiday cottages to offer reliable Wi-Fi services to their guests.


Working with local businesses and organisations we offer our professional knowledge to advise on their I.T solutions. We always consider what you are looking for and offer the best advice we can based on your requirements and budget. We've worked with many clients of varying sizes to meet their I.T needs.

Computer Hardware Repairs

We are here for you if your computer system lets you down, so don’t panic. We specialise in computer repairs. This can range from replacing hardware, upgrading system components and even giving your system a spring clean. We keep in stock common hardware elements like Processors, Motherboards, RAM and Hard Drives so that we can turn around repairs quicker. Give us a call if you’re having a trouble.

Computer Software Repairs

Is your computer always freezing? Can you make a cup of tea by the time it’s loaded? Then you need to come and visit us at Cliand Computers. Our computer software repair service ranges from cleaning up your operating system, repairing corrupt updates and generally speeding up your system, to removing viruses, protecting your computer against malware attacks and more. Give us a call today if you’re having trouble.

Get in Touch

Are you having I.T issues? Need some advice or want us to take a look at your system? Then get in touch with us today. You can call us on 01239 623666 or fill out the form here to send us an e-mail, if it’s urgent, we suggest you call us. Our team are available Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm (closed bank holidays) to offer you advice with all your I.T needs.

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